Gift registries are a wonderful way to celebrate your wedding or special occasion. I truly enjoy making pottery that is meant just for you – and knowing it will be a part of your daily lives and joyous celebrations for decades to come. Many couples have registered with Tiffany Hilton Pottery for their dinnerware, as well as some others who chose to mark their 50th or 75th birthdays with the hand made dinnerware set they had always wanted. Whether it’s your morning oatmeal or your 25th anniversary dinner, hand crafted pottery will be sure to add a little something special to your lives.

Though each piece of dinnerware is custom made, I have standard size plates, bowls, and mugs which can be ordered in a variety of glazes or combinations of colors. One-of-a-kind serving pieces are also a nice addition to your registry and offer different gift options to your friends and family. Sugar and creamer sets, large bowls, oven safe casseroles, vases, platters and serving trays are popular choices. Custom pieces may be created such as cups and saucers, espresso cups, utensil holders, canisters and pitchers.

Photo by Sandra Costello Photography

Prices / Number of Pieces

A full place setting with a dinner plate, lunch plate, and bowl is about $120. You can adjust your registry to include any combination of pieces. Whether you are looking for 12 full place settings or a set of 4 plates and bowls – I am happy to design a registry specifically for you.

Price List

  • 10″ Dinner plate $50
  • 8″ Salad plate $40
  • Small bowls $32
  • “Dinner bowl” Pasta/Salad $40
  • Mug $45
  • Pitcher $95
  • Serving Bowls $95–125
  • Serving Tray $60-90
  • Sugar & Creamer set $75

Ordering Options for your Guests

Images will be made available for you to use on a web site or may be listed on my own site to show your guests the pottery you are interested in. People wishing to purchase pottery for you may contact me by phone or email.

Timing / Date of Your Wedding

Custom dinnerware orders may take several months to create. My ability to fill orders depends on the time of year and how many orders are ahead of yours. I can usually fill orders within 4-6 months – but please contact me to discuss your needs and I will try to accommodate you!

Tiffany Hilton Pottery

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high_fired (at) hotmail (dot) com


Customer Comments

“We are so glad we chose to have our wedding gift registry with Tiffany.  First,  because it was important to us to have locally hand-made gifts and because we are so impressed with Tiffany’s beautiful pottery.  Second, because the personal touches Tiffany included as part of the registry service created human connection and community around the gift giving and wedding celebration.  And finally, because now, everyday we eat dinner and drink coffee and share meals with friends and family around this love-filled pottery, each piece with it’s own story.  It’s really special to us and we are grateful to the potter and the gift-givers alike!” – Meg & Joey

“Tiffany was such a warm, kind-hearted, and creative person. We knew we wanted to work with her from the first time we met her. Her items are personal and are so clearly made with love and passion for her art. She was always pleasant, accommodating, responsive and timely and her love for pottery shines through her work. We could not be more thrilled for the honor of having her pieces in our kitchen and home and we appreciate it every day.” – Julie & Adam

“We were absolutely delighted to have our wedding registry with Tiffany!  We got to visit her studio and pick out our dinnerware sets, along with special serving pieces, and choose all the glazes as well.  Tiffany was so helpful and fun to work with, and she made purchasing easy for our wedding guests, too.  We love using her beautiful pottery every day; it’s so special to know a local artist handmade each and every piece.” – Hannah & Alexander

“We love your pottery—it was a unique way to celebrate our wedding and support a local artist. We get compliments on it anytime we have someone over for dinner!” – Katie & Tyler

“I decided to celebrate my 50th birthday by treating myself to a set of new tableware. I contacted Tiffany first by email and through pictures on her web site and a few phone calls, we gradually came up with exactly what I needed and wanted. The process was easy, enjoyable and even exciting. The end result is, I have such a beautiful set of tableware, that I have a portion of the set stacked on my kitchen counter simply to enjoy their beauty! The weight and feel of the mugs, bowls and plates really did change my appreciation for all the efforts I put into cooking. I enjoy my morning tea more. Daily servings of oatmeal are more pleasurable. I can’t wait to see Tiffany again to start adding serving pieces to my set!” – Teresa